The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 5

Superboy-Prime: great character, or greatest character? Discuss.

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The Comic Conspiracy — Episode 5 (2011-04-25)
It’s time for another episode! This week we discuss more listener mail, tons of Marvel and DC comic suggestions, female comic readers, Justice, Manhunter, Brock’s epic recent reading list, Justice League International, Booster Gold, smoking in Marvel Comics, Iron Man/Doc Ock slashfic, The Great Superboy-Prime Debate, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 8, The Sixth Gun, and Free Comic Book Day! Starring Ryan Higgins and Brock Sager.
Running Time: 1h 03m 46s
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One thought on “The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 5

  1. sdf says:

    I didn’t realize what sboy was all about – but he does sound like the kind of char only someone in the business would appreciate like creators and retailers. But yeah, forum people are generally fucktards, and I include geekbox forums no doubt about that.

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