The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 9

Oh boy, talking about racism! This can’t lead to anything bad…

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The Comic Conspiracy — Episode 9 (2011-05-23)
Lots to talk about this week, including The Rapture, small comic cons, lots of listener e-mails, comic book movies, digital comics, boring retailer industry talk, big Marvel events, Batman and Punisher suggestions, how best to give your LCS money, racism in comics, Booster Gold, and Green Lantern: Secret Origin. Starring Ryan Higgins and Brock Sager.
Running Time: 1h 24m 56s
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One thought on “The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 9

  1. Vince says:

    Anyone else having issues downloading this on an iPhone with Podcaster? My RSS feed has this showing up as a video podcast and won’t play the file.

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