The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 93


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The Comic Conspiracy — Episode 93 (2013-01-28)
With most of the cast out this week, we’re joined once again by Kris Faraone and his partner at Heroes and Dice, Chris Roe. Join us as we discuss Chris’ Secret Origins, some more Green Arrow love, Justice League International, some new titles and cancellations, Doctor Strange movie, ranking the Marvel movies, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, guessing the Man of Steel box office, Jenny Olsen, the cancellation of Green Lantern: TAS and Young Justice, Impulse being awesome, other podcasts we listen to, a listener’s first HeroClix game, and the return of random picks! Starring Ryan Higgins, Omar Brodrick, Kris Faraone, Bryce Larsen, and Chris Roe.
Running Time: 1h 14m 18s
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One thought on “The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 93

  1. sdf says:

    Even with Capt. Marvel Mouthpiece this is the best podcast going on here

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