The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 262

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The Comic Conspiracy — Episode 262 (2016-05-24)
Guest host Ryan Scott fills in for Higgins to lead a spoiler-filled discussion of the latest comic book universe mega-reboot, the all-new DC Universe: Rebirth #1. Starring Ryan Scott, Jim Jokisch, Bryce Larsen, Brock Sager, and Toby Sidler.
Running Time: 1h 25m 49s
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2 thoughts on “The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 262

  1. Mike says:

    Can you never let that whiny weasel-voiced hobbit host again? When does Higgins get back?

  2. Sean says:

    So I have no clue if these even get read by the crew but, how did no one realize that when you were talking about Rebirth and Geoff Johns writing, it was the mirror image to the podcast about Johnathan Hickman’s writing last year. Brock mentioned “layers” and thats exactly what Bryce mentioned about Hickman. Too good.

    Points about the book aside (inclusion of Watchmen, having to read two books first, not being pulled to your wife first) it was hilarious to watch the tables turn and styles for one writers book used against this writer and vice versa.

    All is all if you did not let the internet ruin this book, it was a good starting point for the other books. My only question is in what book does the Dr. Manhattan thing get solved as to why. Is this Flash’s first arc?

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