The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 316

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The Comic Conspiracy — Episode 316 (2017-07-11)
This week, we discuss our interview with Scott Snyder, the passing of Joan Lee, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Starring Ryan Higgins, Bryce Larsen, Brock Sager, Toby Sidler, and Charlie West.
Running Time: 1h 25m 21s
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One thought on “The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 316

  1. Victor Rosario-Fermaint says:

    It’s funny that for a bit you were talking as if it was Sony who made Spider-Man: Homecoming, and that they had done a better job than Marvel Studios. When in fact it was Kevin Feige who called the shots. This may have the Sony logo, but it’s a 100% MCU movie. A great one too.

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