The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 13

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night…

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The Comic Conspiracy — Episode 13 (2011-06-27)
Sorry for the delay, but we’re back with a Giant-Sized episode! Lots to talk about this week, including listener mail, Brock eviscerates the Green Lantern movie, Ryan sings its praises, Legion of Superheroes: Legion Lost, and Absolute Sandman. Starring Ryan Higgins and Brock Sager.
Running Time: 1h 50m 17s
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3 thoughts on “The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 13

  1. sdf says:

    Brock should be content producer for the Geekbox.

  2. When talking about good jumping-on points for certain characters, don’t forget about the movies and TV shows. That’s how I got my start with DC and Marvel characters.

    For Green Lantern, the direct-to-video movie “Green Lantern: First Flight” is a great start, or even “Justice League: New Frontier” for an old-fashioned feel. Those will get anyone familiar enough with the character to jump into the comic book fray.

  3. sdf says:

    Brock – toilet comics? Man – change the name to “Red Flag Comics”

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