The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 19

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The Comic Conspiracy — Episode 19 (2011-08-16)
We try not and hate on Marvel too much this week as we discuss alternate reality stories, Brock’s first bound comic set, Baxter paper, Marvel’s Fear Itself #6 variant, hating on Marvel, the return of the Fantastic Four, hating on Marvel, hating on Wikipedia, our midnight sale of Justice League #1, The Walking Dead, and Invincible Iron Man. Starring Ryan Higgins and Brock Sager.
Running Time: 54m 50s
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2 thoughts on “The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 19

  1. sdf says:

    This episode was awesome, Marvel sucks ass. If anyone has a problem with that, get mom to help you write a letter to suckmyballs.

  2. Some kind of Mechanism says:


    karen chu is amazing…..

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